He will be their Sanctuary

Ezekiel 11:16 has the phrase above in the title. It is set in the time of the Captivity. Several days ago I was studying this as it felt in the current COVID19 situation we are feeling like displaced captives.

In a time when we cannot go to a place noted as being a sanctuary and being displaced from normal Church activities that God promises to the Captives in the captivity of Babylon that He Himself would be their sanctuary. This would give the Levites continuity of their service, and the people of Israel continuity of faith.

When you study the statute of the Levitical Ministry, which is continued in the New Covenant by the Ascension Ministries, you see how God considers them special and worthy of supporting.

Many ministries and ministers are suffering. This because the income of believers are at a minimum. Tithing and offering are not priorities. Survival is the priority. However God will sustain His ministries.

If you make God your Sanctuary He will give you His Sanctuary to serve Him and minister to Him.

This ministry to the Lord will unlock the keys to bring to an end to this “Captivity”. In Ezra we see how God stirs not only the king but the priests, to get the legality and the favour that is needed to bring restoration.

If we make God our Sanctuary He will prepare our RESTORATION

There are many alarmed by the extreme measures that governments have brought in, but God has indicated that He Himself will move and stir the spirit of Kings and presidents to bring a new freedom. Ezra 1:1 says that God stirred the spirit of Cyrus , and we need to pray that “Cyrus” occupy the places of government.

We were like them that dreamed

God is planning a return. This return just like the Scripture says in Psalm 126, is to prepare the Way for the Lord Jesus. We are sensing His nearness, and in Joel 2 we see a great harvest that precedes His Coming. This is why we intercede now, this is why we study, because the greatest harvest of souls is coming.

If we make God our Sanctuary He will make it a house 🏠 of Harvest and Revival

In Joel 2:28-31 we see the fulfilment of this Scripture in Acts 2 on the Feast of Firstfruits. It is set in James as the Former Rain, which prepared the ground of generations to receive the Word. Now we are moving into the Last Fruits or Latter Rain, which is preparing the ground for a great harvest.

God is preparing leaders, 👷‍♂️ builders and priests for this new time of restoration, just like Nehemiah. The walls against the enemy will be built.

The only motive for Cyrus’ stirring of spirit was simply to build God’s 🏠 House

If we make God our Sanctuary He will restore a visible Sanctuary for the harvest

There was only one motive in God stirring Cyrus’ heart, to build God’s House. In this time we need to intercede that God act in favour of the harvest and the building of a spiritual house.

It will end, and what visitation it will be. God will prepare us by us focusing on making Him a Sanctuary so that we see His Sanctuary come to 🌎 earth.


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