The Spirit and the Bride Say Come!

New books published.

Christmas Parallels

The Hidden Message and prophetic message of Christmas through the Scriptures.

12 Foundations of the Church

This is about Revelation 21 which reveals the Bride, the Church as the New Jerusalem, with 12 Gates and 12 Foundations. The 12 Foundations correspond to 12 apostolic and prophetic facets to the Christian life.

The Marturia

The end time power to overcome what will come against us and the Church in the end days.

The New Store

Today we are launching our new store. It will be amended as and when the titles are published. Please browse here for them. I ask you consider this as our investment in the spiritual to you and you consider purchasing as it enables us to continue to provide the resources. Consider a one time Paypal donation to . We appreciate you as our followers and supporters.

Audio Series

The Day of the Lord Series 1-6 Audios Mp3

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The Earth is full of His Glory 1-7 Audios Mp3

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