Israel; What we understand

The roots of our faith is Hebrew. As such we must discern and respect the flow of faith between us and the Christian faith. Jesus (Yeshua) came to fulfil the Torah not abolish it. The Church at times in various places has assumed that Israel and the Law has been abolished when mysteries are at work. 

Zechariah 4 speaks of 2 olive trees. 

I personally believe these are the two witnesses of Revelation 11. They represent two channels and two flows into the Lampstand of covenant. 

Therefore this ministry believes that as Paul writes in Romans the Jews ‘ rejection of their Messiah is an opportunity for the Gentiles to be saved. Included in the eternal covenant. 

There will come a day according to Zechariah 12:10 where Yeshua will be revealed and Israel shall be united to the Messiah they refused to recognise.

Therefore we resist any suggestion that the Church substituted the nation and faith of Israel in God’s plan for eternity. 

Therefore we will respect and reverence the Hebrew root of our faith and let that “oil” flow into our lives. 

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