By the River Chebar

Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God: Ezekiel 1:1 KJV

Ezekiel Heavens open

 Some time ago at Downside Abbey I was in this chapter and verse. I could not get away from it, as God caused me to get an overview of the Captivity.

Downside Abbey

On the front window above there is Christ Glorified holding His Word. I was meditating in a time, a intimate one on one with God. I see those times as preparation for now, and this Scripture has everything to do with what we are living in this crisis with the coronavirus, which they are calling novel.

So Ezekiel is displaced, that is the first thing we must note. He is with the Captives. In Babylon. All are affected. In this crisis today, all are affected, whether we like the situation or not.

River Chebar

We have all been displaced. We have all been displaced from our ministry, pulpit, our Church building, our work, our leisure activities.

And in this context, Ezekiel, a priest, had no more temple. No more sacrifice to offer, no incense to burn. However he sees heavens open. Yes, in the times of great crisis God opens His heavens. I have had several of these experiences, where God opened His heavens. It happened just before the passing of my father in 1990. Those last 4 months of that year before he passed, I went through a season of extraordinary tenderness and a deep understanding of a particular scripture. Genesis 12.1 came very strongly. If we see that verse in context with the last one of chapter 11, we see God’s call come a second time to Abram. It came on the back of Terah’s death in Haran. And it was coming to me on those trying days. After his passing in April God thundered from heaven that he was there. It was a opening of the heavens which took me from a place of dark bereavement to receive God’s direction.

In this moment of crisis is when God is opening the heavens

The prophetic is not about predicting the future, but interpreting the present. If we look to see who saw the pandemic coming, very few saw!! I did not see or predict it. God hid it from our eyes. He hid it because our human mentality could not embrace the manifold purpose in it.

God set Ezekiel by a river, and there He showed him His River. In our isolation He desires to show us His power so that in coming out, fighting our inner “demons” we will come out with a new level of comprehensions.

The vision God wants to show us is of Himself

No vision of things or events will even compare to the vision God wants to show us of Himself. This crisis is a “furnace” by which all the dross will be seen. How much falsehood and how much abuse in the Body has come to the forefront in this virus combat?

God is confounding politics and science together. The pillars of life we trusted in are all in confusion. Many who thought they had their views formed have all come to nought. In fact it was admitted last week that the scientific community who advise the government are all in disagreement.

Many weeks ago I posted a article entitled Reset, but now the Lord is bringing an Upgrade too. The components we lived with before do not match up to the challenges ahead.

It is a call to all prophets that we should be SEEING. And what should be seen is not the virus disappearing! No we should be BEHOLDING GOD HIMSELF.


There were many who published prophecies concerning 2020 and said it was time for 20/20 vision, I think they were right, but they did not realise how this would come about. The 20/20 vision is not about the Church, it is about God Himself.

It was Ezekiel who revealed through the visions he received why the Captivity came, why they are in a foreign land. It is noted that all the world situation is in unknown territory today. Prophets who are called must exhort the Body the reason God allowed, or even sent this situation. The Body of Christ, the level of iniquity in the world were all in the limit and saturation level. God said “Enough”.

My conviction also is that the devil has tried to get ahead of himself in the end time plan. God has pulled everything back. It is not by chance that the first vision Ezekiel was led into is that of the wheels and the wheels within wheels. He had to understand the way God moves, and has His Being!

Its no good to prophesy what our apprehensions dictate, without verifying with God the way He is moving in this situation. He is moving, He is bringing His purpose into fulfilment.

We are here now, and the prophetic voice must sound. The heavens are open, it is now a call for you to See!

The heavens are open so that you can see…open your eyes

This message is a prophecy, because God is opening His House to us, and He will show us what is happening…He will lead us into the place where we shall see Him lead us back to Zion.

The purpose for being taken out, is to be taken through and taken back

The purpose is that the Captives began to desire Zion, and God Himself , and what they desired also stirred a king, and through the king they were brought to Zion. God is about to stir in governments across the world to aid in the return of His people so that a harvest of souls can be got after this trying season.

The Lord is taking us OUT of normal life, to take us THROUGH the processes by which we can be TAKEN back to a new place where Zion’s tabernacle once fallen is now raised up again. Amos 9, Acts 15.

This is our glorious hour….we need to see it…!

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