Profound Word from Veronica West

I have followed this lady for some time and her prophetic insights have resonated with me. Particularly now in this time of transition. I have permission from her to reproduce here this message. Be blessed as I was. Russell Durose. …THESE TWO WORDS ARE NOW COMING TO PASS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM,…”A ROYAL CROWN HAS FALLEN,…A GOLD SIGNET RING OF COVENANT PROMISE AND A PRODIGAL NATION WILL RETURN”..!!! So last night 9/9/22….I suddenly heard the Spirit say,…”WATCH!..FOR THIS IS A KIAROS TIME,..AN APPOINTED TIME AND SEASON FOR THIS NATION,…LISTEN!..FOR THE SOUND OF TRUMPETS WILL HERALD THE BIRTHING OF A NEW … Continue reading Profound Word from Veronica West

Small post

It is the fact that we have all lived without the notion that every decision and every attitude has grave CONSEQUENCES. The Berlin Wall did not just fall down , it was the end of a process of protests. The Roman Empire did not fall suddenly. No, it became more weaker and more corrupt. These are great examples that illustrate the smaller collapses in families and in people’s lives. Families and marriages are not destroyed by the big mistakes, no, it is the small decision and small attitude where what holds people together; good faith and confidence, where these erode … Continue reading Small post

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The Consolation of the Saints 3: When Consolation comes in the form of reformation

40 Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.  2  Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,  and cry to her  that her warfare is ended,  that her iniquity is pardoned,  that she has received from the Lord’s hand  double for all her sins.  3  … Continue reading The Consolation of the Saints 3: When Consolation comes in the form of reformation