Ministry Links

We are linked to Ministries both here and the world. 

Al Houghton: Word at Work Ministries

Al Houghton: California USA

Al Houghton is an American Prophet and Teacher. He circulates and travels to many places in the Northern American continent. Including Puerto Rico and other outer places as well as European nations. He teaches essentially on the believer taking his place according to the Word and extended Covenant. He has an extensive experience in prophetically communicating the Word for the season. We believe that he is God’s voice in this hour for the US in very difficult moments. God has used him to bring clarity in a confusing world. 

Nivea Soares

Nivea is a minister based in Minas Gerais in Brazil. She has been part of various ministries connected with worship and Prophetic directed praise. She is part of Igreja Batista de Lagoinha, a Baptist Church in Brazil growing very fast. She very often is travelling in Brazil presenting worship and praise with a view for God to move on people in healing, deliverance and salvation. Nivea and her husband Gustavo have been to minister in America and the UK and many other nations. Gustavo is a musician and has a recording studio where he produces Christian worship from ministries in the nation. Nivea is on the cutting edge of what God is saying and doing in worship. 

Pastor Getúlio Silveira: CEPAN Brazil

Pastor Getúlio was my pastor in Portugal in 2002 to 2004. We walked together in a vision of the fivefold ministry. He left Portugal in 2004 for the UK where he planted Churches and returned to Santo Angelo in Brazil. He has churches there and we are working to build a ministry platform to train ministry.