…is a vision of Jesus Himself working in the nations. It is as simple. We do not major or minor on anything other than concentrate WHO IS OUR ALL IN ALL…

Many of us complicate the vision, and use terms, or emphasize truths to exception of others. What we emphasize is THE LORDSHIP AND WORTHINESS OF JESUS CHRIST…WHO IS THE ONE AND ONLY ONE WE SERVE.

1. Working in the apostolic dimension: establishing, breaking up hard ground, grounding people in sound doctrine, prospering in the grace and work of God

2. Working in the prophetic dimension: the importance of God speaking with his people, encouraging them to open up their spiritual ears of their inner man, hear and give prophecy, minister with a prophetic anointing to accomplish the Will of God in their lives, their families, their towns and nations. To embrace the Prophet’s Office, preparing the Church in holiness as the Bride ready for her Lover: Jesus Christ.

3. Working in the evangelistic dimension: seeking out the lost souls, bringing them to salvation, bringing them into a loving community of people who are full of Jesus. Through various art forms, media forms, to catch the generation for Christ.

4. Working in the pastoral dimension: bringing people into healthy Christian relationships, and most of all in total covenantal and love relationship with God.

5. Working in the teaching dimension: Bringing the essence of the revelation of God’s Word, bringing us into knowledge that shall make us mature as people, powerful as ministers of Christ, and prepared for the eternal destiny that awaits with every Christian.

We aim to impart this vision to the Church through conferences, seminars, and preaching. Contact me on 

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