For we see Jesus!

But now we see not all subject to Him. But we see Jesus. ” Hebrews 2:8&9 KJV

There are absolutes in the Word which are spoken, specifically in Hebrews 2, that on face value there are some contradictions. The absolute is that Jesus has all things being subject to Him. Yet in reality we are seeing that not all is. Rather like the government saying there is PPE, but the hospitals say there is a lack, yet the PPE equipment is on route via a Army convoy.

There are processes which have to be taken into account. In fact the whole Bible is ONE BIG PROCESS.

In fact I have just uploaded a new Podcast which makes reference to this process. I counted 16 separate processes involving the coming in of that total subjection of creation to Christ. I saw this process take shape when God began to use certain Bible teachers to alert me to 4 Greek words to the processes involved, they are kronos, kairos, pleroma and teleio. From these 4 words we get the idea of how God moves in our lives. From these 4 we can study them and enter the process of application.

Kronos: Physical Time.

Kairos: a spiritual season.

Pleroma: Fulness, fulness of times, fulness of iniquity (Genesis 15)

Teleio: Perfecting.

So from these 4 words as teachers of the Word we need to both discern and detect the patterns in God’s word where these connect and see how God changes the season, which He uses both Pleroma and Teleio to do it, that is if we are full, and perfected in our understanding and submission He will change the season.

I am convinced that this crisis with Coronavirus we be passed when we have done what God requires. Jesus overcame…says the Scripture in Revelation 5, so He could promise to those who also overcome in chapters 2&3 the blessings He could bestow

The implications of the work of redeeming man meant that Jesus must become the Word made flesh, not just by intention, but actual priestly identification. Then suffer normal human processes and limitations, suffer humiliation and ultimately death. You see… a process!

So when we are frustrated, and I get frustrated as anyone! We just need to say: “BUT WE SEE JESUS!”

Does God get frustrated with us? I doubt it, because not only does He know the end from the beginning but He also engages with us in the process of teleio…perfecting!

Is it not good to know that God engages with us, and in us in our process of perfecting…

Just think about the Bible…

It starts with God taking Abraham out of Ur, a man who could have no children, says to him he is going to be father of many nations! He dwells in a land, not his, in tents…what is the logic in this? Its a question of faith!

The example of Abraham and the contradictions which he lived in the midst of so great promises, means that what guided him was not what he was seeing, feeling or living, but knowing that his obedience meant a part of the process was being mapped out and a foundation was being laid for others to access the same blessings.

Isaiah 11 says that the spiritual man is not guided by what his senses tell him. Abraham believed and he did become a father of one, Isaac, who in turn had children, these became a great nation. This nation turned into a Kingdom, and that Kingdom transitioned to being Celestial and Eternal. So once our lives are guided by a heavenly vision we are no longer living for those things around us, but those eternal realities, priorities and fruits.

Paul said in 2 Corinthians 4:17 that he saw his tribulation from an eternal perspective! How are you seeing life now? What about the crisis we are living now? The limitations? We need to get as Al Houghton ( teaches, a “Trascendent Life View”. This way this life, its cares, can only do what Hebrews 12 say, weigh us down and cause us to fail at the race of faith.

When we do not see what we desire or expect we need to say:



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