God’s Great Reset

Meeting the crisis

The pandemic, or so called pandemic, however you see it has presented disaster amongst ministries across the board. We are launching the “God’s Great Reset” project as to raise awareness, raise prayer, raise unifying causes, and raising funds too. There are families, and ministers facing ruin due to the pandemic. Churches and speaking, teaching venues are closed. There is a drop in giving, and a drop in personal fellowship and contact too, which makes giving difficult. Join us today in the challenge to unite under the cause “God’s Great Reset”.

We have just published our first publication by email so please email me for a copy.

Please email me: russell.durose@thespiritandthebridesaycome.com

“To meet the challenge presented by a humanist elite who desire to achieve aims which bring a society devoid of personal opportunity, aspiration and spiritually God is bringing His own Reset”