Eschatology: a new Approach

Russell A Durose is a minister of 34 years experience. In this section we believe we must teach a new approach to end times Scriptures so we may be ready for what we will live through and walk into.

In 2020 and 2021

The whole scenario of the Pandemic, its inconsistencies, its political implications, economic consequences, and health outlooks, we need a new approach than the approach which dismantles the traditions built up from second hand interpretations, misconceptions. In 2021 we are going to approach all eschatology in a new way, which is that seeds of the end times are in every Bible age, and are being worked out in the Church age, and what is being rolled out now. Stay tuned.



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Christmas Parallels

A prophetic approach to Christmas and how it impacts our lives today

12 Foundations of the Church
February 2021 published
The foundations of New Jerusalem are being built now. They have seeds and working out scenarios in our lives now. How do we distinguish how important each foundation is unless we distinguish what they are? Read this book.

March 2021
A message series concerning our witness in our end times lives now. What we thought being a witness was, in an evangelistic vein, is not the way the Bible teaches, it is a Mark that God gives His saints to complete their race and their walk of faith.