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Hello – Olá –  Holla – 안녕하세요 –  Hallo – Hej – Buna – Përshëndetje – مرحبا – Salam


добры день – হ্যালো – zdravo – 你好 – Ahoj – Kamusta – Hei – Bonjour – Χαίρετε – こんにちは

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“In the Beginning was the Word” says John. Genesis says “And the Spirit brooded over the waters”. This site is all about the beginning of all things. The Word. Not just the normal interpretations and musings, but the deeper issues and currents of the river that flows from the beginning to us today. All of us want to see the Spirit manifest, but without the rich expression of the Word commanding light, no Spirit will manifest in our midst.

Many years I have posted here, and the truth in the messages here are not exclusive to citing or declaring absolute and “this is the truth” posture. Indeed all revelation is progressive and you are going to have to give me grace to hear today and add tomorrow.

This is a new edit to a work in progress, and I pray that the Word which is light shine brighter each day.

The Word of God is a journey, is a tapestry, as we discover together, let us weave together that richer and deeper truth, because the Word is an eternal spring which never runs dry and never ceases to be fresh.

I also publish in Portuguese as Portugal was my home country from 15 years. If you are a Portuguese speaker please make sure to check my Portuguese posts under the Blog Posts menu.

Também publico posts em Português como vivi em Portugal durante 15 anos da minha vida. Se você é nativo da língua, por favor confira-os no menu Blog Posts em Português.

This site is a progressive construction which means each day we will improve it, incorporating new innovations. Also see our other project on http://gadgetsismypassion.com which I am developing also.

Pray for us as we attempt to communicate the Word in its richness and inspiration.


Russell Durose

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  1. Hey have you checked out this book about the Spirit and the Bride? You can get a free copy at thespiritandthebride.org it is called The Spirit and the Bride say Come, Releasing the body to become the bride.

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