Easter Week: The seder in the Upper Room

There is something very important concerning what we term as being the Last Supper. It is enshrined within the Israelite tradition that the Seder is the meal and celebration, prophetic of the flight from Egypt. There is a few recommendations God makes to Moses, for them to observe. Just as we embark on the pattern of the Seder I must recommend Catholic Theologian and ex Presbyterian minister Scott Hahn has written in detail concerning the Seder in his book “The Fourth Cup”. A very enlightening read. Please contact via this link to have this book: https://stpaulcenter.com/product/the-fourth-cup-unveiling-the-mystery-of-the-last-supper-and-the-cross/?fbclid=IwAR312ZKJzKbofV3YQLWzKJZdJkc8zrCcvg4DhyNJUcB34SWhRz_r_Et-ln0 . I really recommend … Continue reading Easter Week: The seder in the Upper Room