What we believe 

Over the last 2 weeks God has talked to me about transmitting what we believe. If you want to know our doctrinal stance get a copy of the Apostles Creed. Wikipedia also has copies too.

However what God really wanted and desires me to communicate is to emphasize the need to call to attention to the last prayer of our Messiah.  Yeshua prayed that we would all be one. 

What we see today is what we call Church divided in denominations and independents. GOD created the nations but man created denominations. 

Nothing more evil has been committed in the Name of denominational doctrine and dogma. 

This ministry therefore makes no distinction between Catholic and Anglican; congregational and Pentecostal or charismatic independent. 

We believe that God wants to flow through each without cultivating an attitude of sectarian division and suspicion. All of us must share our collective responsibility of misrepresenting a faith which should unite yet is so divided. 

For this reason we welcome all from the various communities in the Name of Jesus to browse this site and to contribute with your comments as valid brothers and sisters of the same faith.

However this is not an attempt at an ecumenical type initiative. What we believe is the unity He desires comes from His Holy Spirit and not through doctrinal or structural efforts in joining. 

One or two were under the impression that I agree with Mary worship. I don’t agree but I do not let that difference stop me from agreeing with what they believe in the one thing that defines; that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord. Nothing else matters. 

Russell Durose 2017

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