Exclusive Content!

Starting soon! We are going to launch some exclusive content on Patreon. This is a platform for subscription services, and media content. We are going to launch Theological short courses online, for capturing exclusive subjects more specialised than what we publish here. This content will be uploaded and available for a subscription. Those who desire to deepen their understanding will invest in their own learning. Eventually this will turn into a Online Bible University. Please await news of this service! Subscribe shortly and become a patron, it is being a work in progress. Shalom! Continue reading Exclusive Content!

Prophetic Word from Lloyd Symes

Very few prophetic words vibrate in my spirit, but this one does from a group that prays for the UK. Here it is. I was caught upin the Spirit last Sunday after seeing David Derrington’s post on the Army of God. Jesus came up to me and told me to step out of the wrong identity that I had recently developed. I left the clothing on the floor like the blind beggar in the GospelI was taken to a high place and I saw a large army. Jesus said this army assembled on it own initiative and it is my people. The … Continue reading Prophetic Word from Lloyd Symes