A New Dimension: The Book of Enoch Part 2: The two revealings

THE TWO REVEALINGS  27.2.2015 We do not want to get into mythology. We want to get into truth. The Book of Enoch shares with the scripture which was handed down to us, much common ground with Genesis, and shows us behind the scenes. I keep getting amazed and the Lord keeps adding to me each day…however knowledge is not to be proud over. We are not made better by knowledge but transformed by the Lord. Not improved, but transformed. Enoch describes in detail the beings, called angelic hosts, the luminaries, which lost their place as they began to exercise their … Continue reading A New Dimension: The Book of Enoch Part 2: The two revealings

Prophetic Manual; Update

The Lord showed me a vision:   In this vision I had to do a manual like the one above. This manual has to cover the FUNDAMENTALS OF THE PROPHETIC DIMENSION. This is very important to be a foundation to activating a mature perspective about the gift, the anointing and the Office of Prophet. This will form the foundation of all our programmes: 1. Church weekends. 2. Seminars. 3. Conferences. Right now we have a need to renew our computer equipment. We need a new MacMini for £400. We ask that you pray that the Lord sends us this finance. This equipment … Continue reading Prophetic Manual; Update

The Wilderness: part 1 A necessary preparation

Today we are starting a new series of posts concerning the WILDERNESS. A friend of mine, prophetic teacher from Califórnia, Al Houghton, said: today people want power of covenant without the price of preparation. That is why the wilderness plays such a part of Scripture. It is where the school of the Spirit is. I do not think any true man of God can do anything significant for God without passing through a season in the wilderness. Abraham was promised the land, was commanded to go its length and breadth yet it would take 4 generations to possess. Jacob spent … Continue reading The Wilderness: part 1 A necessary preparation

Following the Star; preparation for change.

Today just coming from local church meeting a message has been moving in my spirit for a few days. I find the text in Matthew’s Gospel inspiring. The only text that speaks of wise men from the East. We do not know for historical detail who they were. But what we know, that as a baby, creation gave signs. For them it was a star. We do not assume that they just saw the star and concluded that they were to follow it. No, we understand as learned men that they would have sought for answers for this phenomenon. Somehow … Continue reading Following the Star; preparation for change.

Jesus the AUTHOR of FAITH: Hebrews 12 message 4

Still in this passage, the Word has unlimited revelation. Jesus is the AUTHOR of faith. An author writes, and pioneers thought into words and speech. This creates reality. Jesus is the voice which said: Let there be light. This means that FAITH is the force of all creation. It serves as the second element of creation to exist. You may ask how can you say that? You must take what Paul writes in I Corinthians 13 and see that 3 elements continually operate in our lives; love, faith and hope. Faith coming in behind love, because faith demonstrates in creation … Continue reading Jesus the AUTHOR of FAITH: Hebrews 12 message 4

Who for the Joy SET before Him: Hebrews 12 message 3

I heard in our local church the same passage expounded profoundly and wonderfully. Pastor Tony Williams of Paignton ( Living Waters) expounded in such a profound way what God already had spoken to me about. His blog is prtonywilliams.wordpress.com to follow. Today I want to talk about the JOY God SETS before us. God SETS before us a “table” of destiny and overcoming that we can walk in. When we read the scripture we see a different mindset to what we have today. We see a acceptance of “suffering” in living out the Gospel. When I say “suffering” I do … Continue reading Who for the Joy SET before Him: Hebrews 12 message 3

Rewind perspectives: Restoring true pastoral understanding

I am on one of my many business/ministry trips right now. I am particularly moved. I am particularly taught, strongly by the Lord. Many of us were EXCITED by the prophetic and apostolic ministries. God says: rewind. The pastoral is what God wants to RESTORE in the Body. But what kind of restoring? The kind of restoring where we HONOUR and RESPECT the pastoral ministry. It is far much more than preaching, leading the Sunday meeting. It is the Monday morning disciplinary meeting. Where those who are unsubmissive, and problematic are discussed and decided on what action to take. Right … Continue reading Rewind perspectives: Restoring true pastoral understanding

The fallout of the Obama Victory.

Let me get this straight right at the outset. I do not agree with everything Obama stands for. But I respect him as I respect those who voted for him. Therefore as a believer I must pray for him. The indictment is not that Obama is an antichrist that the Church failed to unseat. The real enemy must be the fundamentalist Bible beating churches that are spread accross the American nation. There is a serious divide taking place. It is called religious prejudice. Right now I may have a position against homosexuality, Islam, and other persuasions, but above all, is … Continue reading The fallout of the Obama Victory.