Prophetic Manual; Update

The Lord showed me a vision:   In this vision I had to do a manual like the one above. This manual has to cover the FUNDAMENTALS OF THE PROPHETIC DIMENSION. This is very important to be a foundation to activating a mature perspective about the gift, the anointing and the Office of Prophet. This will form... Continue Reading →

Special Christmas Request

I would like all of you to pray for my daughter who is in hospital right now. She is suffering a kidney complaint. We have this confidence that God is faithful to heal. We would desire it that Nisia come home for Christmas. Please join with us in this prayer.

The fallout of the Obama Victory.

Let me get this straight right at the outset. I do not agree with everything Obama stands for. But I respect him as I respect those who voted for him. Therefore as a believer I must pray for him. The indictment is not that Obama is an antichrist that the Church failed to unseat. The... Continue Reading →

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