When the world covenants fail

GENESIS 47 The Lord has been dealing with me concerning the financial system. The note above has the phrase; “The bearer promises to pay the sum of £20.” This is covenantal. This is a exchange for goods or services. In this Coronavirus crisis this covenant has been broken. The governments that can are carrying the whole nation so the flow from services or goods is very very limited. The Lord then Drew the parallel between Joseph and the famine and the people seeing finances fail and every exchange come to nothing. What we need to see reestablished as in Joel … Continue reading When the world covenants fail

In Wrath remember Mercy

O Lord, I have heard bthy speech, and was afraid: O Lord, drevive thy work in the midst of the years, In the midst of the years make known; In wrath remember mercy. Habakkuk 3.2 We are almost into a week into the United Kingdom lockdown, which for those who follow it the population has for some part flouted the rules. This week has been one which we have reflected in the messages and the podcasts, live videos, to address this world crisis. There is a great argument going on in the various theological camps, between those that believe this … Continue reading In Wrath remember Mercy

Lockdown update!

We are in our first week since Boris Johnson announced our lockdown. It is surreal as almost silence from our busy road, yet the sun still shines. I have started Daily Podcasts to be accessed as daily “spiritual food” for anyone who cares to know what God is saying today within the context of crisis. Also done a video with my wife’s youtube channel concerning the COVID19 crisis. It is in Portuguese. I have done 2 live broadcasts with Lagoinha Church in London. So God is joining the intercessors to intercede for our nation. A picture has started to appear … Continue reading Lockdown update!

Live! Need for context before application

In a short while I shall be speaking on a Live broadcast. I am a little disturbed that we can take 2 Chronicles 7:14 out of context. You need context before you can get an effective application. In this crisis God is looking for true repentance . This is exactly what Jesus did on Calvary. He identified with us in death from sin. However in Jesus death the visible Temple was substituted with a Temple not built with human hands. 2 Chronicles 7 relates to God’s response to the dedication prayer of Solomon for the Temple. In this Coronavirus crisis … Continue reading Live! Need for context before application

Continuing our Pursuit

Just uploaded the new Podcast for today. The Lord is preparing us for a showdown with the enemy and the enemy is our iniquity. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has been a Word passed around but when it is placed in context you then see where God is taking us. God is challenging all of us to prepare for His Intervention in a context of covenant and repentance. It is an opportunity for seeing God’s fire come down and consume the virus and bring His Glory into His House, His Church. Hear the Podcast. Shalom. Continue reading Continuing our Pursuit

To stand in the Evil Day

Paul is talking about the spiritual armour found in Ephesians 6. I am getting contact from pastors concerning their flocks. They are in fear and great anxiety. There are many seeing pillars of their lives disappear. I would like to encourage you all to write to me, even if you are fearful and even if fear has got you. The armour is what comes from the Word and the Spirit. If you need help, please email. reverendrusselldurose@gmail.com Continue reading To stand in the Evil Day