Birthday post

Today I am away from home unfortunately not well at all. It started with great fatigue and became chronic back pain and knee joint pain. Couldn't even get out of the shower. This last weekend I did ministry on "Carrying the New Things of God". Pregnancy featured strongly. We examined the life of Samuel, John... Continue Reading →

When God must honour prayers sown

I was talking to a friend concerning what God started to do in Brixham in times gone by. It seems that I spend my time journeying from retreat centre, teaching the Word. It is only when I go down to the Harbour or Breakwater that I get the notion: "I must come here more often."... Continue Reading →

Arise Shine for your Light has come!

Isaiah 60 marks a change in the prophetic words of Isaiah. Arise, ||shine; for thy light is come, And the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  The word "Arise" marks the command to perceive the new season, the new kairos, and by faith receive this command as to understand that the change of... Continue Reading →

A trip to Scotland

This weekend I am teaching and meditating on "4 processes of Restoration". I am reminded of a trip I made with a great late friend of mine to Scotland. I had just come back from a traumatic move from another part of the country to Nottingham again. In that year I cannot begin to forget... Continue Reading →

The foundation of “sola scriptura”

Much is arising on social media concerning the foundational concepts that shaped the Reformation. One of those is "sola scriptura" that says the Word alone bring validation, affirmation and confirms all manifestation of the Spirit and affirms all things in the Christian world. However when you see what the fruit of this concept is you... Continue Reading →

Its not enough to know the Scriptures

As teachers of the Word it is a conundrum when God tells you its not enough to be teachers of the Word. In fact the Word is full of prophetic statements concerning Jesus. Yet the Jews missed Him. They were thorough students of the Word, the Law and the Prophets. When the captives came back... Continue Reading →

Bring me hither an ephod

And David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech's son, I pray thee, bring me hither the ephod. And Abiathar brought thither the ephod to David. 1 Samuel 30:7 KJV In a moment of great pressure and loss David takes a leadership attitude. When you consider that David had had many victories up to now, starting... Continue Reading →

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