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We have connections with the following ministries:

Word at Work Ministries:


This ministry based in California in the USA is one of the Prophetic Teachers that is most profound and has had an impact on my life. Please see the link above for significant teachings for our day. Al Houghton is used in a itinerant ministry to the USA and the Caribbean, also has been in Europe. He has a cutting edge ministry interpreting the times through the Revelation of the Word of God. Sign up for his daily readings, and visit his media store to access mp3 of his latest teachings. I guarantee that it will revolutionise your own Bible Study.

Ministério Nivea Soares tim.php

Nivea Soares is based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is a prophetic singer who leads multitudes to the Lord through worship. She has been in this ministry above 20 years, ministering with names like David Quinlan, António Cirilo, Adhemar de Campos, and many other leading ministries in Brazil. Nivea ministers in the context of a revival in the Church in the area of worship. The nation of Brazil has many challenges right now, but she tirelessly, with the ministry of her husband Gustavo, exhorts all to a life of holiness and a life of integrity before the Lord. She has with her husband, written songs which embody the message of Jesus and His Holiness impacting into our lives and impacting daily life. Nivea has ministered in the UK, as well as the US and many other nations. We are connected with this ministry by relationship.

Minuto com Deus: Edivaldo Oliveira18010594_1381260098628375_7067911827075448371_n

Edivaldo is a minister in Brazil. His ministry incorporates a daily YouTube devotional which ministers a relevant daily Word. This daily Word brings encouragement and exhortation over every situation pertinent to the Christian walk. We have shared extensively and formed a covenant to walk together which will culminate in us meeting at some point. Edivaldo is preparing to be an ordained minister from this summer. We hope to include his website shortly as it will soon be launched.

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