Isaiah 60 starts with this phrase. It is a positive word. It is a word that lends to a new level, a new approach. The Hebrew word used means "establish". Establishing something in God means to "determine, to open, to bring forth". The Kingdom is about preparing Creation for the reign of Christ. Right now... Continue Reading →

Itinerary for War College

With the pandemic being used for political purposes it is time the Church prepare for the times ahead. We have resources to train from the Word a clear vision ahead through very dark times with faith. It is clear that a focussed vision will stave off fear and confusion at this time. We are offering... Continue Reading →

Taking Jerusalem

1 Chronicles 11 I am in a lot of pain today. I have had either a disk in my back slip out of place or i have trapped a nerve. It is Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK. The last Bank Holiday till Christmas. With the Word today In whatever case I am not... Continue Reading →

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