Easter Week: The seder in the Upper Room

There is something very important concerning what we term as being the Last Supper. It is enshrined within the Israelite tradition that the Seder is the meal and celebration, prophetic of the flight from Egypt. There is a few recommendations God makes to Moses, for them to observe. The Seder of Jesus Just as we... Continue Reading →

Foundations for lockdown period

I am uploading daily podcasts on our Daily Podcast page. The purpose being for laying a foundation Biblically for sustaining our faith in this crisis time. I believe God wants to prepare us for what is ahead. May God bless you as He lays a foundation for the days ahead.

When the world covenants fail

GENESIS 47 The Lord has been dealing with me concerning the financial system. The note above has the phrase; "The bearer promises to pay the sum of £20." This is covenantal. This is a exchange for goods or services. In this Coronavirus crisis this covenant has been broken. The governments that can are carrying the... Continue Reading →

Daily Podcasts

The daily podcasts are to sustain us in this very surreal crisis we are living in. The prophetic does not solely predict but it interprets what God is saying in the present See the "Daily Podcasts" in the menu above.

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