Silent period: personal update

This has been a very hard season where I have been dealing with some very serious health issues. These have impacted on my commitments and work. As it is my financial support has fallen and this has made things so much harder. I ask that you pray for me and if you can send help please consider sending through PayPal on This would enable me to pay bills at this time. Continue reading Silent period: personal update

Sticky Post

1. Purpose of God: Community

In starting this new series, I have to be honest, I struggled with the theme a little, as I needed the point to launch from. As it is habit for teachers of the Word there has to be a launching pad to launch from which embodies consistency and which embodies a potential to enlighten and inspire to love the Word more and more. In context of creation and of first man, the calling of Noah, the calling of Abraham, must be seen in one context, the desire of God, the plan and purpose of God to form community. Hebrews 11 … Continue reading 1. Purpose of God: Community

Capitulation; makes war very likely

In 1939 when Hitler was invading nations in Central Europe Nevile Chamberlain went to Berlin bringing back a agreement which proved to be a capitulation and within months Britain was at war against the Axis powers of Germany and Italy. The last few days I have been praying and watching the situation in Afghanistan, and the subsequent media coverage seeing a picture coming from the presidency. Capitulation for political expediency This is very important to understand because once we capture this, it makes the lies, the recklessness, the hypocrisy and wokery understandable. None of what is going on is with … Continue reading Capitulation; makes war very likely