All things…work together…for good. ..for those who love God and are called


Favourite passage for those seeking guidance. Many take it on face value.

1. All things
All of creation and all its mechanisms; laws; cycles and seasons here. So what we are saying is that in this verse Paul is spelling out God’s creation SEEN and UNSEEN as being the realm by which this verse is set.  It is the background.


2. Work together
So creation has one design which cannot be broken. No part can work on it’s own. It is all governed to work together in unison. However because sin and imperfection has come into the picture so this still must be true or God would not be God. He must “redeem” creation through Christ perfecting us in grace to experience His Love inwardly and flow in His Purpose outwardly. So when Jesus is working in us and we in Him so He perfects our inner purpose to be moulded in His Image and our outward purpose is to walk in physical and spiritual places. And so we must see that all positive and negative experiences have one unifying purpose to bring us into Him ever more deeply.


3. For Good
Whatever is in this life is temporary. What is in our spirit is pertaining to eternity. Whatever experience we pass through is for an ultimate good. We must be certain of this so that we are not blinded by deception or bitterness. Our image of the Father must count more. All of creation is part of the redemption process. We are being redeemed through our resistence against forces which would deceive us about God’s ultimate character. 

4. For those who love God
Once we grasp the truth of this higher good in all we live through we grow into love. Love births purpose. And in love we see the part of all creation.

In love we see God flow creation to our eternal good.

5. And are called
We are called to be made into His Image. Our calling is sure and constant no matter what appears to fall and change. The unchangeable nature and expression is what we must display in our conversation of our learning. We are called to a school which is the school of eternal life where we learn it on earth and live it in heaven. 

6. To His Purpose
The purpose is God. He determines and their is no changing or uncertainty. What He promises He fulfils.


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