Word for USA

The Lord just put this into my heart… The Lord would indicate through me, that He has not forgotten the USA. The Lord says just as you see the waves of contradiction, the waves of immorality, the waves of many peoples, the Lord would cast your mind back when Israel was over run by the Romans. The Lord says it is time for my people to receive in their hearts the “Consolation of America” in their hearts and respond by groups, by houses…and to pray and seek the Face of the Lord. It is time that expectancy should rise from … Continue reading Word for USA

Faith in the Faithful One Hebrews 11 series Part 1.

The Lord gave me some very poignant thoughts last night concerning Faith. Hebrews 11 is emphatic on what faith is.  Now faith is…Faith is about NOW. It is about God acting in the NOW…and He does it in RESPONSE TO OUR FAITH IN HIM!  We have to believe that He is powerful and good to guarantee that if we give our lives to Him and serve Him, testify for Him, He will prove Himself faithful. He is faithful because when we have Faith in Him He is full of power to meet the need of the hour. There are situations in our … Continue reading Faith in the Faithful One Hebrews 11 series Part 1.

Saturation or Saturate Part 2: Saturate with

Yesterday we saw one of the reasons why many reformers end up returning to the structures they reformed against.  It is a decline in the Presence of God in their lives and ministries that opens the door to deception and eventually apostasy. Today we are going to change it from saturation of to saturate with. The lack of the centrality of discipline and meditation in the Word brings us into  danger in not being able to recognise deception. If we are seeking experiences above establishing disciplines we are on that “sensual” path. The word “sensual ” has little to do … Continue reading Saturation or Saturate Part 2: Saturate with