And the Spirit suffered them not

Acts 16:7 KJV After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not. I identify fully with this word. They were to continue to Bithynia but the Spirit would not allow it. I am not quite sure what form that this prohibition took place. What we know is that Paul understood what the Spirit was saying. The more sensitive we are the less dramatic will be the prohibition was. But if we are undiscerning what forms would God use to get us to understand that we are not to step into unordained … Continue reading And the Spirit suffered them not

Romans 8.28 Part 2

Romans 8.28 Part 2 I must admit that I got so much out of yesterday’s post about the workings of ALL things not just some areas, some conditions of our lives. It was written against the backdrop of what I want to take this opportunity in this post to explain and ask for feedback and prayer. We came to another city on the south coast of the UK last October, having been in Devon over 3 years. My daughter in this time had been suffering a kidney condition called FSGS which is a strain of Nephrotic Syndrome. This has a … Continue reading Romans 8.28 Part 2