Passover Part 3: Two spiritual places where the Kingdom is established

We continue our series in Passover. It is important that the cross of Calvary is the point where death passes into eternity and in eternity Jesus does a work which is phased. Ephesians 4 tells us that he descended first. He descended not to the classic “hell” that we traditionally believe. The Biblical hell we talk about is the Lake of Fire. Jesus went to Hades. Here is a waiting place where the saints or wicked ones waited for the work of Jesus to be complete. This work was to release the saints from the corruption of death without the … Continue reading Passover Part 3: Two spiritual places where the Kingdom is established

Passover Part 2 Denying human self preservation

All gospel account talk of the preparation of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. They talk of Jesus’ anguish and struggle. What we see is an identication of our drive for self preservation. We see Jesus in His humanity explore the possibility to escape or for the Father to let pass by the extent of the suffering. Self preservation leads us to pursue the easy route. To comfort. To riches. From what I personally surmise I see the drive for self preservation leads us into corruption. That is why Jesus fought it when He experienced it and won over it … Continue reading Passover Part 2 Denying human self preservation

Passover Part 1: Forerunners

Psalm 105 tells us that God sent a man before Israel. He sent a man despised to experience betrayal. This same man was imprisoned and injusticed. This same man believed the Word. He became the second in charge of the nation. He was the forerunner to brothers to becoming a family. This family became a community. Passover is about a family who became a nation. Joseph was a forerunner. Jesus is our forerunner too. Who in death glimpsed the Promise. He went before us into the place which would become our inheritance. It is not a geographical place but a … Continue reading Passover Part 1: Forerunners