Romans 8.28 Part 2

Romans 8.28 Part 2

I must admit that I got so much out of yesterday’s post about the workings of ALL things not just some areas, some conditions of our lives. It was written against the backdrop of what I want to take this opportunity in this post to explain and ask for feedback and prayer.

We came to another city on the south coast of the UK last October, having been in Devon over 3 years. My daughter in this time had been suffering a kidney condition called FSGS which is a strain of Nephrotic Syndrome. This has a wide spectrum of strains and genetic makeup. Just that the technicians who deal with the genetic side cannot understand why and how she got this. Just suffice to say that this led on to full renal failure and the need for dialysis.

In March to our shock after short months the landlord of our house has asked for the house back, and we vacate. We have had trouble finding a place, and with our very small budget we are having tremendous issues with this. We are supposed to be out on June 9th.

I ask you therefore to pray, and intercede for us…we know that all things work together…and God is working them out, but being honest with all the issues, our human fragility sometimes shows. And we must believe that this working is for our good and nothing else, because we love Him and are Loved by Him.

Please feedback…as this is a very complicated and stressful period. I need the tranquility as God is giving me new impetus in the Word and need this moving issue out of the way.


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