A New Dimension The Book of Enoch Part 3: The reason for the fall: forbidden knowledge.


There were two trees in the Garden of Eden according to Genesis 3. The Book of Enoch speaks of the fragrance of the tree and the judgment for the eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We know about the consequences of this. The temptation was to do exactly what Lucifer did in the eons past. He desired to ascend in contrast to the descent Jesus made which Ephesians 4 recites. As He descends, Philippians 2, God exalts Him in every dimension that Jesus was humiliated and brought down.

See the following text:

Chapter 25
And he said unto me: ‘Enoch, why dost thou ask me regarding the fragrance of the tree, and why dost thou wish to learn the truth?’
2 Then I answered him saying: ‘I wish to know about everything, but especially about this tree.’
3 And he answered saying: ‘This high mountain which thou hast seen, whose summit is like the throne of God, is His throne, where the Holy Great One, the Lord of Glory, the Eternal King, will sit, when He shall come down to visit the earth with goodness.
4 And as for this fragrant tree no mortal is permitted to touch it till the great judgement, when He shall take vengeance on all and bring (everything) to its consummation for ever.
5 It shall then be given to the righteous and holy. Its fruit shall be for food to the elect: it shall be transplanted to the holy place, to the temple of the Lord, the Eternal King.
(from Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: Book of Enoch, PC Study Bible formatted electronic database Copyright © 2003 by Biblesoft, Inc. All rights reserved.)

So we examine the fall, and this text has to do with Knowledge. But this knowledge is not for knowing, it is the knowledge that usurps, that arises of itself. 

Here the angel appears to chastise Enoch. Why does he want to know about the tree? This tree appears to be the Tree of Life. The other tree. We must understand that God expelled man in Genesis 3 for pure mercy, because now his eyes had been opened by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil must not also eat of the Tree of Life because it maintains life for eternity. The exclusion was to deal with the imperfection, loss of glory. Look at the excerpt in verse 5, echoing the text from Revelation 21and22, where the fruit is food for the elect, but what it does not say in our usual scripture is how the Tree of Life goes from Eden to heaven. Here it tells us. It was transplanted. 

How much more we understand!


So we return now, the fact of why man fell. He fell because he was tempted in the very same thing Lucifer did. The desire to usurp through knowledge and not live by divine nature. The very temptation was to be AS God. through knowledge. 

We can apply this…many of us thirst for revelation knowledge but at times our nature is not transformed, we do not love God or our brethren as we should. Therefore our quest for revelation knowledge brings us into a place of danger.

So how does knowledge come? It comes through being in union with God. This is the crux of the fall…the consequence was SEPARATION, the very temptation was here, have knowledge without the need for union and intimacy. It brings corruption!


So as we refuse this temptation as a person who walks with God, or as a group, we do not enter into the same corruption that so many churches and groups became. The enemy comes in then as a angel of light to deceive, believing this light is the very light of God Himself. And what comes in, is corruption, deception and a loss of that sense of unity, majesty with God.

So we come to the crux. You cannot know without being. You cannot be without the Hebrew level of knowing which is yadah… which denotes knowing in an intimate way…the union which I speak. It is never more head knowledge, academic study. It is a interweaving of our being with His Being. Then we will eat of the Tree of Life, and live for ever.


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