Prophetic Manual; Update

The Lord showed me a vision:   In this vision I had to do a manual like the one above. This manual has to cover the FUNDAMENTALS OF THE PROPHETIC DIMENSION. This is very important to be a foundation to activating a mature perspective about the gift, the anointing and the Office of Prophet. This will form the foundation of all our programmes: 1. Church weekends. 2. Seminars. 3. Conferences. Right now we have a need to renew our computer equipment. We need a new MacMini for £400. We ask that you pray that the Lord sends us this finance. This equipment … Continue reading Prophetic Manual; Update

The End Time Church : A prophetic generation

Joel 2 is spoken of in terms of the outpouring of the Spirit but it speaks of an outpouring of the prophetic Word. When you look at the prophetic in Luke 2 you see a depth that is sometimes missing today. We need to see when God is about to do something new there is a Word that comes forth. We need to have a new commitment to the Word. The prophetic is essential in any move of God. Not just any word. A deep word. A word like Simeon’s of Luke 2 which draws back the mystery of eternity … Continue reading The End Time Church : A prophetic generation