Revival Part 4: Replace and Restore

The greatest enemy to revival is the cult of the individual. This means that the enemy has effectively constructed a society and a mindset where the rights of the individual supersede all else. What I mean is that events over the world which need the attention of the Body has the Body,  individual so busy with their own agendas that they cannot see what is taking place. We have embraced a false gospel called comfort.  This false gospel even preaches Christ’s message in the context of the positives but it avoids the watchful preparation. Jesus says many times in his … Continue reading Revival Part 4: Replace and Restore

Just a pause: Israeli election urgent prayer needed.

Before we embark in this post I want to make clear that this is no political leaning.  We have to go beyond politics. However there are political maneuvering going on. Obama for whatever reason has the conviction that appeasing the Palestinian/Iranian cause he will broker a peace in the middle East. This is fantasy. There will be no peace.  I am convinced that from this conviction Obama sees that Netanhayu is an obstacle to this peace. And Obama is overtly supporting and funding a Hertzog and Livni political platform. These have negotiated a political deal with Arabs to have their … Continue reading Just a pause: Israeli election urgent prayer needed.

Revival: Part 3: the waiting room

Revival is the waiting room where you have made the appointment and you are in God’s agenda. What you must do is submit to the treatment.  You must follow the guidelines because something happened to get you “sick”. 1. Deception 2. Sin and the lack of consciousness of it. 3. The world: appeals more than spiritual things. So as we seek for revival we know we are in God’s waiting room. Waiting to get the treatment.  God wants us whole in every way. The enemy has made strongholds to prevent us from being what God wants us to be.  It … Continue reading Revival: Part 3: the waiting room

Revival: Part 2 Preparation for recognition

One of my favourite passages is Luke 2. We see behind the scenes preparation  going on.  I remember that in 1994 I had recently arrived back in Nottingham. I had had a intense 2 years in the Forest of Dean which ended abruptly. God had His Designs to bring me into rest with some very good friends like Ray and Yorrie and Eirian.  Yorrie and Eirian are with the Lord now. But were a massive influence in my Ministry. I was preparing to go with them to Dundee in Scotland.  They were going to see their daughter in a remote … Continue reading Revival: Part 2 Preparation for recognition

Revival:Part1 Spirituality in lukewarm times

The most powerful sensation came into my heart about the thread that links the low times and the high times in my spiritual life. Since I have been walking with God I understood what revival is; and was. It has been a theme and a prayer I have come back to many times. Revival comes to a people who seek God as if their lives depended on it, as though their locality depended on it, their country needed it, and God pleasured to outpour it. This is a new series we are embarking on. If you study every revival of … Continue reading Revival:Part1 Spirituality in lukewarm times

The Prophetic Picture; a pause for thought from our series.

The complications of this generation is relationships…the whole complexity and the changes that this brings, the moods, the attitudes…the misunderstandings, the uncomprehended motivations, the uncomprehended patience exercised, the belief in hope when there seems to be no hope is all part of a prophetic picture. This generation has been distinct above all others, prone to justify the unjustifiable, the offences that are so easily fallen into…yet is prophetic. It is prophetic because it demonstrates the relationship between Christ and His Church, the Bride. It is so easily to discount this as mythology, wishful thinking, but there will come a day … Continue reading The Prophetic Picture; a pause for thought from our series.

Let’s take a breather….

Today Benjamin Netanyahu defied all politics, with a clear message not only to the USA but to the whole world. I saw the speech and was moved to tears. Tears because politics can be such a game of manipulation and self interest, but this speech sought to touch the hearts of those who heard it. There was talk of a massive boycott of the speech in Congress, but the house was full. The senators and members of congress stood many times in ovation to this honest Prime Minister. It just highlights to me the indications of the kairos times we … Continue reading Let’s take a breather….

A New Dimension The Book of Enoch Part 4: When sin becomes spiritual

When Sin becomes spiritual The Book of Enoch and Jude speaks of the angels who lost their estate. How can you interpret this? You interpret it this way… Beings who were once perfect became spiritually corrupt and became full of corruption. Their whole existence is to corrupt and twist that which was pure to be corrupt as they are.  Hence the need for judgment. I have meditated on this a lot over the last 3 years. When sin becomes a lifestyle, when it becomes a mentality, it becomes also spiritual.  How? Because this is the role of demonic entities. When … Continue reading A New Dimension The Book of Enoch Part 4: When sin becomes spiritual