A New Dimension: The Book of Enoch Part 2: The two revealings




We do not want to get into mythology. We want to get into truth. The Book of Enoch shares with the scripture which was handed down to us, much common ground with Genesis, and shows us behind the scenes. I keep getting amazed and the Lord keeps adding to me each day…however knowledge is not to be proud over. We are not made better by knowledge but transformed by the Lord. Not improved, but transformed.


Enoch describes in detail the beings, called angelic hosts, the luminaries, which lost their place as they began to exercise their lust with the women of the earth, to produce a corrupt seed. Therefore the “sons of God” were revealed to corruption, and hence the spread of evil in the earth, the culmination came the flood.


Today Romans tell us that the earth is groaning for the REVELATION OF THE TRUE SONS OF GOD. This revealing has one objective to see this age, wrapped up by Jesus Himself. As the first revealing preceded the flood, bringing worldwide destruction to renew and replenish the earth, the second revealing is the forerunner of the Coming of the Lord.

So how do we be revealed in that company? Is it an elite? No. It is not an elite. God is against all kinds of elitism.

We are revealed by the process of the Spirit of sonship, through our spirit, into our soul, bringing our soul into subjection UNTO CHRIST. That way our body follows suit and does not sell itself to sin. Our soul relies not on the portals of strongholds which are formed over our insubmission.

The purpose being that Jude speaks of the book of Enoch in the coming of myriads of saints WITH the Lord in that day. So our transition into the fullness of sonship in the image of Christ means we are translated to be with Him so that we come WITH HIM TO THE EARTH TO EXECUTE THE FINAL JUDGMENTS. 


How marvellous indeed!!!

So as you ride the earthly instabilities and sins, you will lift your eyes upward unto the heavens, opening the spiritual eyes to see the PROCESS OF TRANSITION INTO THE FULLNESS OF YOUR SONSHIP.



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