A Planting of the Lord

Isaiah 61 says “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord”


Genesis 15 says “Abraham believed and it was counted for him as righteousness”

The Lord is wanting to plant you. 

He wants to solidify your life…putting DOWN ROOTS right down into the depths.

Putting down solid roots will strengthen you. 



God wants to plant you because:

  1.  He wants you to GROW. 
  2.  He wants you to deepen your ROOTS for STRENGTH. 
  3. He wants you to provide shelter for others. 

What the Lord indicates throughout scripture that very hard times are coming for the saints. He wants us to have DEEP ROOTS in the Knowledge of God’s character, so that we understand How He moves, so that in the dark times we have sufficient sustenance from the deep places of the Spirit that we grow in contrary circumstances. And we inspire others to follow us.

Allow God to plant you, wherever you may be.

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