Bezaleel Series 

Normally I would release the whole series today here on this site however God has given this message to prophetically teach in business and Ministry arenas.  Bezaleel is a key to business and Ministry today.  I believe that Bezaleel, a Old Testament man holds key to successful Ministry and Christian Ministry today. You want to know how; I am available to teach this series in business and Ministry arenas whether it be to small groups or to a Church conference.  What this will entail  1. Purpose of your gifts and talents 2. 3 dimensions of the Spirit in operation in … Continue reading Bezaleel Series 

Gadgets are my Passion

One of my passions is messing with mobiles. I spend considerable time watching reviews of the latest and greatest. I have a site I want you to see ; Gadgets are My Passion It is a project I am developing as a business model. I believe as a Christian we must develop normal talents and cause them to generate an income for hard work. God blesses hard work.  I am and have been reviewing mobile and mobile technology for over two years and due to circumstances and a need to provide a means to keep this Ministry going I am … Continue reading Gadgets are my Passion

Gifting for Gift flow 

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day” Revelation 1.  If there is any time we need to be in the Spirit is now. But according to John there was an appointed time .  It was on the Lord’s Day.  What I really want to transmit today is the need for us to be in the Lord’s Day. There is a day, another day; says David and the writer to the Hebrews alludes to it in Chapter 4 of Hebrews.  This new Day in Christ is the re-establishment of a Kingdom of true peace and joy. Yet the World … Continue reading Gifting for Gift flow 

The Whole Counsel 

Last week when I was in Cornwall I sent out a message which was quite radical. It was not radical because it wanted to shake on purpose but rather since this site first started it documents a personal journey which can be a reflection on a corporate season.  The Lord has been adjusting my Word view. This means that my interpretation of scripture depends not on my own understanding.  It comes from prayerful reflection.  What I ascertain against the context of instability at every level ; leaders leaving the faith, sickness in the lives of leaders , adultery in leaders’ … Continue reading The Whole Counsel 

Declaring Jubilee 

God instituted for the children of Israel for one year in a cycle of 50 a year of rest and restoration.  what did God grant them? Rest from their enemies Rest from their labours  Restoration from debts. Over a year ago I was in another city here in the UK having left Devon. We thought our time in Devon was over. Yet our landlord called time on our stay and wanted to sell the apartment we had rented.  God gave me a Word ; He said ” I am declaring a Jubilee over you “. I did not know what … Continue reading Declaring Jubilee 

If you become systematic you have a system 

I have been in a intense time for the last few days in Cornwall. Other than the main motive for my time here there has been deep reflection.  Society is changing with new technology meaning that you don’t need a bank physically to do banking, you can do it online, shopping online, almost everything. Even church meetings also online.  There is a danger of Church becoming systematic. We develop a method, then a mode and then a manifesto.  We elevate an effective method to being God creating a way to do things. Our meetings reflect that . Our mode is … Continue reading If you become systematic you have a system 

Word by Doug Addison

​God is taking setbacks and what was intended for evil and bringing blessings. Negative situations will have a good outcome as you keep your focus and trust in God. If you have gotten warfare and resistance over the past few months, then you can now expect big breakthroughs to start happening.  If you lost your house, your car broke down, you got hit with health setbacks, relationship troubles increased or old behaviors or addictions kicked up again—I have good news for you. God is going to do a sudden move to bring you out of your darkest time and use it to … Continue reading Word by Doug Addison

Interlude! Crowdfunding

Dear all Its just taking a coffee break from posting messages on this site. The enjoyment of posting these messages is just awesome. We have just opened our first crowdfunding page. Crowdfunding is a sponsorship technology which enables people to accomplish project goals. This means anyone can be a shareholder in what we are doing. What we are doing is developing media technologies to review the progress of mobile tech and to review flagship phones by building partnerships with major smartphone manufacturers. This way we can support this ministry. See our page: Crowdfunding Initiative You can help us by visitting the … Continue reading Interlude! Crowdfunding

Being Transfigured part 2: Ascending your mountain

We are concentrating on the Transfiguration of JESUS.  I believe that God is leading us to behold Him more clearly. Why a mountain? The mountain for Jesus was separation from the demands and distractions that pertain to society that lives in the plains. The mountain requires resolve to distance oneself by climbing away from those demands which cry out that you are responsible.  False responsibility placed on you wants to take you away from that communion with God.  The mountain for Jesus was a different level of perspective. From the heights one is not subject to the same air or … Continue reading Being Transfigured part 2: Ascending your mountain