Conforming or Transforming



Be ye not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12. 

I heard a phrase about 20 years ago, inner transformation or outward conformity. It has all to do with what we INVEST OUR TIME in preparing. Today the inner man is neglected. As the picture shows, we are bombarded by the mobile and on the move trend. It has affected not just the world but the Church and ministers too.

What do we do? Reject what is good concerning the tools that are being provided, based on a unhealthy suspicion? Or do we embrace it but resist its tendency to RULE our lives?

We place great store on the importance of being involved in a Church or congregation. But does this negate the need for spiritual autonomy?


We need to see what being CONFORMED signifies.

It signifies:

  1. Making the “I” “My” “Mine” the centre of life.
  2. Intolerant of correction from more mature and spiritual people.
  3. Focussing on the pleasures not the pursuits for holiness. 
  4. Focussing on getting not giving.
  5. Focussing on today and what can be comfortable, than investing in eternity.
  6. Focussing on what we have than what we are.
  7. Focussing on being orientated by the masses than a Biblical standpoint.

We all need to see what being TRANSFORMED means:

  1. Receiving the revelation of the Word by daily discipline of reading and applying.
  2. Believing in the validity of being accountable to more mature Bible believing people.
  3. Being subject to leaders and being autonomous in spiritual disciplines.
  4. Resisting the inclinations of the flesh, deception of the world, philosophy of the devil. 
  5. Having a real perspective of a.personal pursuit, b.corporate service, and c. world impacting example.

There are so much opinions, lifestyles, that today it is not enough to preach and share, it is a day to be an example backed up by a testimony and visible demonstration of God’s power.



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