A view of things to come Part 1 Forgotten truths

It seems that the days when Jesus’ coming to the earth has largely been shrouded either in forgetfulness or in tradition. 

For some time the Lord has been speaking to me about the need to study the Coming of The Ascended Lord. We commonly and wrongly call it the 2nd Coming. It is one of many comings which JESUS has visited the earth. 

I ask you to pray for me as I endeavour to demystify these end time events in the light of Scripture and revelation.

What we do know is that Christ is coming and to establish His Kingdom. How and when are still mysteries that only He will reveal.

There are so many things in the world going on that I sense that we should not prophesy to our interpretation of events alone . There is much “prophecy” concerning the next President of the USA; who it will be. I particularly want to steer away from this discussion.  I desire that God take from us a traditional view. Join with me in this endeavour. 

The JESUS who will come will not be a suffering servant on a cross, but a King for which all Shall bow. 

What we have forgotten is the suddenly of this event and the need for preparation. 

We have become focus on acquiring a feel good factor; a belief in our victory. We can sometimes psyche ourselves up when we need to focus on the need for preparing ourselves and visiting the principle of holiness. 

In this series we will endeavour to the truths about the end time events and what God is planning for the world ; the Church and Israel. They have distinct destinies.

MAY God open our eyes! 

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