Personal Update

It has been quite a while since I have posted here and wished to touch base with you all.  I had a couple of nasty viruses as well as family also coming down with them. It means that my focus has been to Minister to the needs of the family. Which is a privilege of course.  I have several messages to be forthcoming before the end of the year which will enlighten you to the end time purposes of God.  I ask particularly for your prayers and thoughts toward us. Things have not been easy on many fronts and we … Continue reading Personal Update

Get beyond the politics and the personalities

What a momentous week!!! America chose a new President .  There are protests. There is shock. Even with believers. My Facebook timeline became a political hotbed.  However I felt that Christian Ministries got in the political argument. Politics is a game for the intelligent. John had suffered injustice at the hands of the political superpower called Rome .  He said in chapter 1 of Revelation; “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.”  Even if you cannot understand how the UK is leaving the EU; Donald Trump is President of the USA from January you must go beyond the … Continue reading Get beyond the politics and the personalities