Through the Eyes of the Prophetic Special 

Very short posts before I go off to a meeting. 

The Lord has been talking to me about life changing circumstances.  

Paul said ” these momentary afflictions are gaining for us an eternal weight of Glory. ”

The Captivity we have been studying in this series is the focus because for 70 years the Israelites were in a foreign land; forced out and then brought back with governmental support. 

God says that in His Word the Captivity prepared the people for Christ. Took away objects of idolatry and brought them back to the Law and the Prophets. 

What does it take God to bring us back? 

God tells us that He takes us into a “Captivity” to strip away the things which prevent the eternal beginning to flow in us and through us.

Many see personal losses as motivation to become cynical and bitter. But if we truly seek Him He will bring understanding of what He is bringing to us; so He can do a work in us; so He can do a work through us. 

He is bringing Jesus TO us. Acts 3:19-21, so that in bringing Him to us; He can do a work in us. We often yearn for revivals and Ministry to flow but unless we learn this progression we can never experience this preparation. Jesus was the fullness and is the fullness of all that is God to us. God is bringing Him to us. How we will receive Him depends on our preparation. 

It may be hard; harsh; harrowing but instead of blaming luck; circumstances, we need to look into what is in our hearts.

God will look upon us and bring favour from those who do not know God.

When He has done His work we will lack nothing.  James 1.

So when bad things are happening to us we must ask what is happening for us; and in us. That way we will understand and comprehend where God is leading us. 


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