Counsel for today part 2: Busyness or Business

Yesterday we were talking about Overload. Today we are talking about how that overload happens. 

Everybody is occupying their time with something. Either time occupies you or you time. 

The Bible talks about redeeming the time. What does it mean? It means we take a hold of time and putting it into divine opportunity to extend the operation of the Kingdom.  What the Kingdom has to offer says 2Corinthians 12 is peace and joy. That is peace in that which you do and joy in the doing. 

But how much time is mere Busyness or Business? There is a difference.  

The Gospels give this contrast in the lives of Martha and Mary.  

Jesus is coming to dinner. Mary is content to sit at His feet and hear His Words. Martha is so busy with the preparations. She complains to Jesus who tells Martha that she is so busy in serving JESUS that she is not enjoying His visitation. Mary was concerned with the business of the Kingdom not the Busyness of one occasion!! Jesus said that Mary had chosen the best part. 

We can be easily intimidated that our Facebook page or our site does not reflect extensive itineraries. However as we prepare the unnecessary things for Jesus; but not enjoying His Visitation to us means that over attention to detail makes us too stressed to enjoy His company. 

In David Wilkerson’s book; Beyond Cross and the Switchblade; he talks of the subsequent success of the book and the springing up of centres for Teen Challenge all over the USA. He was now appearing on TV and flying here and there to raise funds. 

Subtly a change had come in his study and prayer life. He became busy and this did not have the freshness or guidance of the Lord. God taught Him to get into daily dependence in God; moment by moment. 

It was by turning over Teen Challenge to others that he went from being a pastor for drug addicts to being an end time prophetic voice for the USA. 

The Lord’s business is never busy to the extent of losing joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.  It simply has seasons of intensity then tranquility. 

At this time when we think about taking a family holiday; have you ever thought God wants to come AWAY with you? Away from routine and “busyness”. 

The devil wants to throw busy things in your path so you lose that closeness and that vision of intimacy with God.

Discern today; are you doing God’s business or are you in Busyness?

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