This is a update from this site. We are seeing Nisia settling back into a routine back at home. Still means we have to make the round trip to hospital and back which is 6 hours 3 times a week. We have a blog site of mobile technology reviews.  We are desirous of developing this further to start a RESOURCING business. We have started a crowdfunding initiative as we need £5000 to start such a initiative. This would mean we can start to publicise and get relational links in place to be able to devote our time to mobile smartphone … Continue reading Interlude

Through the Eyes of the Prophetic part 4: seeing a heavenly perspective 

The prophetic eyes are not just eyes which see the future but they are eyes which see a heavenly vision and see it in the context of present affairs.  When we consider that in Isaiah 45 that God foretells the raising up of Cyrus a foreign king raised up to get Israel restored to her land and her spiritual inheritance we can wonder today if God will raise up again rulers who will provoke us back into our covenantal position.   I believe so.  When we also consider the positioning of God’s servants during that time.  Jeremiah was the last … Continue reading Through the Eyes of the Prophetic part 4: seeing a heavenly perspective