Being Transfigured New Series; Introduction 

📖 Matthew 17

New series this day , first day of September. The Lord is taking our apostolic Network we lead into a month of prayer of intimacy and integrity. 

The Lord gave me the strategy for this time based on the theme of Jesus’ transfiguration. 

Let us examine;

The steps;

1. Ascend the mountain. 

2. Jesus is revealed in Glory

3. Celestial audience with Moses and Elijah 

4. Mysteries unfolded

5. Enveloped in Glory. 

We will examine all these steps in this series. May God bless us as we examine this theme. 

What was the purpose of the Transfiguration? 

It was to reveal the person, purpose, power of Christ in our midst. With life’s challenges we can forget or have our vision somewhat clouded. 

My prayer is that together the richness of the Word will touch us all. 

Personal news 

Nisia has returned home after being 5 weeks in hospital due to a kidney transplant and subsequent complications.  

Since then is in a recovery period. We need prayers for this. And also as this health issue has been the focus for the last 4 years so now we are being released for new ministerial opportunities. 

We need prayer as our finances will be affected by changes in state support.  God is Yahweh Yireh.  If you feel directed to send support you can do so through PayPal  on  

We bless you in JESUS Name. 

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