The Transfiguration Part 2: Moses, Elijah, and Yeshua

We come today to the second message of our series. I am in a very beautiful part of the UK. Here on personal matters. I shall include a photo here.
I was just meditating here why these 3 men met here on the Mount of Transfiguration. The Lord, I believe gave me the answer.
3 represent the sum total of our entry into the fullness of covenant.
1. Moses calls for obedience
2. Elijah calls for repentance
3. Yeshua calls for faith.
Without these no Covenant can be effective so we need to see that the Old Covenant was not abolished. It was completed!
Right now many doctrinal issues remain, some majoring on holiness and others on love. Which one is right?
Grace is the fulcral of a seesaw. It must bring the balance between the two principles of God’s nature.
If you see someone always proclaiming judgement then he has never recognized when the Grace of God has had to be applied. He is the most sad of all believers. The one who majors on only love must be shown when Grace attenuates the discipline of God.
Yeshua came to complete. So in our walk let us endeavour to walk in the Grace of knowing for love’s operation in us we can walk in holiness. Hence 3 came to converse on that day.


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