The transfiguration: part 1: breaking a route to a fleshy revolution

The Lord is always renewing our perspective of His Word. We must see what precedes the transfiguration is Peter’s mind blowing revelation. We see 8 days pass by when Jesus took 3 of the inner circle of disciples. Jesus was suddenly transfigured. Then Moses appeared and Elijah. They represent the Law and the Prophets.
This is to represent the Law and the Prophets meet the apostle of Grace. How much we need to get a revelation that whilst the Law is abolished its requirements are met in the Covenant of Grace! Once we lose sight of what Grace is we naturally live out our “Faith” in the parameters of law.
Grace was Jesus entering into the Holy Place as a high priest without sin. His own blood being the means of atonement, His Death satisfying the punishment of law on sin. So now we are free, but to annul the effects of sin’s nature we must in turn die in Christ, so that He must raise us in His nature.
This is a mystery. This event must have some teaching value to the Disciples, but they were too distracted to take note.
What is pertinent to note is that before this event Jesus was talking about His own death being necessary.
1. Necessary to break a misconception of His Mission
2. Necessary to break any confusion of His Manhood.
3. Necessary to break ideas of His Ministry.
Against this backdrop Jesus had to break the idea that He had come to bring political revolution.
It is these confusions and errors that many times we do not have the correct vision and understanding of who Jesus is. That way our ministries and churches go into error and become political organisations. That way the full manifestation of Glory is not seen in our midst because Jesus is MADE to fit our misconceptions. Hence the abuses, the disunity and the cults that firm. We have not all the vision. We just have a small part. And those who come in humility alongside us can help us retain right perspective.
Let us look at some keys:
A. We need to have our focus on Jesus alone, not His manifestations, ministries.
B. There is no need to build earthly structure when Jesus is transfigured in our midst. No ambitions can exist.
C. Jesus has divine mysteries to share with us. We need to be broken from our masteries ( flesh, false expectations).
Let us bask today in that revelation He will bring us, as manna in the desert.



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