The transfiguration Part 3: breaking confusion about Jesus’ mission then and now

The central focus of this series must be to refocus once again on Jesus. There are two extremes that can become error. With some the over devotion to Mary, to the other spectrum an overemphasis on the Holy Spirit.

We must understand Jesus’ mission then and now. There is a fundamental difference.

1. Jesus’ mission in the Gospel is to bring GOOD news.

2. Jesus’ mission in Acts is to establish the Church through the Holy Spirit.

3. Jesus’ mission today is to bring in the full flock to salvation and Union with Him.

When we think of the Transfiguration we must also think of the Triumphal Entry and how Jesus entered the city. All was primed for a revolution but His specific manifestation on riding a donkey confounded the winds of revolution. When you consider that the situation was such that it would not have taken much to light the touch paper of revolution.

So many today are not expecting the Coming of Christ, especially that this time there will be no donkey, but a white horse.

Jesus mission in His first coming was to rescue and save, now His Mission is to establish His Kingdom.

Peter in his Day of Pentecost preach shows how Christ had been exalted, and what His current mission was.

Result: an explosion in the Spirit realm and mass salvation.

We can get too bogged down about our vision, yet we must see that our vision is Jesus not our project for our city or nation. Our focus on projects can be a blind spot that the devil brings to steer off course. Our fascination with gifts, ministries and our blessings is a subtle deception. We should ask for a clear vision of Christ. That way we become an impact in the Spirit, lives are saved, revival is poured out.

Each church that desires growth must not pursue it for its own sake. Once our focus is on Jesus alone, given to us by the Father, living in us by the Spirit. How clear does the Word come when we engage with Him!

Once a Church starts to preach Jesus so we shall know His Presence and souls shall be saved!

Our focus on faith is Christ. Our needs are met as Jesus occupies our communion not our needs.

Jesus wants us to refocus. Are you ready?



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