Word for this season

Everyone who is internet savvy knows what “clickbait” is. A headline to get you to read. It however leads you to a headline with a unsensational article. This is not clickbait. Rather it’s a wakeup call.

Everyone who I meet wants to know what is God’s Word for this season. I am just travelling back from a weekend where I certainly had a multitude of questions answered in a way no human could communicate so well and so well articulated.

God answered what Kairos season we are in and keys to get through and get the greatest victory.

Very often many look at this site for the articles and take them and get blessed. The Word was freely given, and should be freely distributed also.

However this time in my journey back today He wants me not to transmit what He has revealed via articles. He desires to open doors to transmit what God has revealed for 2020 and beyond. He desires me to teach in different local Church settings the way forward in a context of fear and division. In a context of Brexit, trade agreements, social issues, coronavirus propagation God has something to say specifically concerning what is facing the Church. If we do not hear we will miss solving the many issues.

If you are interested all I ask is that you pray and that you enter into contact directly on reverendrusselldurose@gmail.com.

I believe God has placed this last weekend the keys to the next year and 18 months. Many of us will be repositioned and will go through into major breakthroughs. Contact me.


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