2020; in the face of uncertainty with faith. CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL

2020 is the onward march of the coronavirus. It is mutating and spreading over the nations. It is certainly without doubt that before its march is another “virus” that is spreading, it is called fear.

The symptoms of this fear is the emptiness of our cities, the empty shelves and the closed schools and universities. What is this master plan?

When I think of this God reminds me of Israel before Goliath. The mighty army in the name of an “invisible Giant of all giants called the Lord of Hosts.” But this army is paralyzed before this fear. The taunts against God.

What laws are being passed? What prohibitions are being thought up? What revivals about to be broken up as fear of congregation installs itself. Is this the 2020 that God purposes?

There is no doubt that this virus and the paralyzing fear and hysteria that goes before it is consequences of man’s playing God. What God desires belongs in Psalm 24, when the doors need to be open in a season when fear would want them closed! When everlasting gates would need to be lifted up in a season where we would lower them in fear and unbelief!

God is planning a comeback, a payback, from quarters we would not expect. From a audacious faith uncommon in this time! It is time for us to take Joel 2 seriously! Where a gathering is to take place even called by God. Recently in Brazil there were two stadiums full of believers who repented and sought God. Even the President of the nation gave his life and bowed his knee to Jesus. Powerful and it seems that the devil fears any gathering of people so this virus would prevent it, would stop any revival in its tracks.

Coming back to Joel 2, we see the sign of divine displeasure , the locusts have eaten everything of the harvests. 4 types of locusts have stripped bear the nations food staple! How many signs do we need to know the earth groans beneath the iniquity that our nations have sown in the lands. It is time for leaders and priests to “weep before the threshold”.

Several months ago the Lord said to me that He had withdrawn His Glory to the Threshold. He was displeased with leadership and with denominational division. The virus now threatens your meetings and conferences. Before long world governments will pass laws to ban these gatherings. Whole tithes and offerings will stop as the overriding decision will be self preservation.

What the Lord promises to those who recognise the judgments of the Lord in the earth is a release of wine, oil and corn. God will heal the land and heal and have mercy on His People.

God will release an end time outpouring like we have never seen over the earth, but the admonition repeatedly from Joel is rend your heart, not your garments. In today’s language would be truly repent and not depend on sensationalism. The Gathering may be literal or may be figurative. In homes where cities become locked down. Where homes become embers of revival.

Only the fire of God can stop this virus! It was man who released it, will be God who will stop it.

Joel 2 precedes great cataclysms in the earth! It is time for a season of the harvest of souls, where before this fear of this “plague” will think on the eternal destiny of their soul!

For us it is an exciting time because the Word is replete with circumstances like this in a time of war and plague. We must take this and apply it.

May we recognise the things God is saying!


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