Continuing our Pursuit

Just uploaded the new Podcast for today. The Lord is preparing us for a showdown with the enemy and the enemy is our iniquity. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has been a Word passed around but when it is placed in context you then see where God is taking us. God is challenging all of us to prepare for His Intervention in a context of covenant and repentance. It is an opportunity for seeing God’s fire come down and consume the virus and bring His Glory into His House, His Church. Hear the Podcast. Shalom. Continue reading Continuing our Pursuit

To stand in the Evil Day

Paul is talking about the spiritual armour found in Ephesians 6. I am getting contact from pastors concerning their flocks. They are in fear and great anxiety. There are many seeing pillars of their lives disappear. I would like to encourage you all to write to me, even if you are fearful and even if fear has got you. The armour is what comes from the Word and the Spirit. If you need help, please email. Continue reading To stand in the Evil Day