My last message “Behold I do a new thing…” is actually a personal Word to me also. I have just got back from Southampton having been challenged at many levels.

What I perceive is that when I started this site in 2011 I was just to complete a great transition. We as a family transitioned from Portugal to the UK. I had spent 15 years in Portugal in very difficult terrain. We worked with Assemblies churches in northern Portugal. However God used many circumstances to move us. This site albeit with a different name, started to treat the issue of transition.

It’s a fascinating issue and will save us much heartache in the long run. We have to do transition God’s way.

I have two publications that treat two different levels of insight into Theology.

  • 7 Processes of Purification of the Word
  • 12 Foundations of the Church

I ask you pray for these to be complete soon. And pray for the resources for me to publish.

Since having Sepsis I have been aware of a greater purpose, we never see why we pass through extreme situations at the time. However now I am beginning to uunderstand. I thank God that I passed through it as it has stood me in good stead for the next phase. I believe that God will open the doors to teach in certain places as the Church is facing great challenges ahead. God speaks about them. God has given me great insight into the vision of the End Times. There are several series which I regularly teach

1. Do not cast away your confidence

2. Birthing the New Things of God

3. Jesus comes To the Church

4. 7 Processes of purification in the Word

5. 12 Foundations of the Church

6. The Messianic Preparation

7. Hebrews 11&12 in our day manifest

I am praying for open doors to bless the Church with these series.

For those who have enquired after my PayPal address is

Will be writing soon!


2 thoughts on “Personal

  1. On a personal level, this would be a complete transformation. When we start out, we can never even imagine how the journey will pan out, we can never fathom the depth and the heights of God’s plans and purposes for us.

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