Revival for the UK

And He will send Jesus TO you who was preached…” Acts 3:19

There is at the moment a season of shaking. There is a season of challenging the false foundations of humanism and individualism.

When God wants and desires to bring a corporate move, He needs to break the individual pursuit of destiny. We had a wonderful season of the discovery of personal prophecy, where prophecy has come to substitute the daily discipline of in depth Bible study.

The breaking of the “individual cult” is key to a new move in God in the Church in the UK. The individualistic attitude rooted in our culture has in its foundation humanism which came through the Age of the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The manifestations and fruits of this is the selfishness and the sense of entitlement getting into the nation’s church. Where our pursuit is no longer doing the hard work to study and guide our prayer from that daily discipline we have gone after a Charismatic belief that God has some instantaneous blessing which will come without any spiritual preparation or pass the tests that come with the preparation.

The Ascension days, up to Pentecost embody the preparation of the former rain of the Spirit spoken out in both Joel and James. Jesus commanded them to WAIT. They must wait, and in waiting they would understand the route of preparation for a new season which Jesus having entered in His Throne, sent the first Holy Spirit visitation.

There is a latter rain outpouring which will come with both seed and harvest. The seed being The Word and the harvest being souls won.

Smith Wigglesworth saw 4 waves of Holy Spirit revival in the UK. The 4th being a unison of the Word and the Spirit. Jesus inspiring His Word, and the Spirit activated because of it.

This is a turning point for the nation where we need to turn away from neglecting the Word and embrace the Spirit that comes from that same Word.

It is a time when the Ascended Christ speaks TO the Church via His Word, and speak THROUGH the Church as God confers the authority for that same Word.

It is not by chance that next year in the Catholic Church is declared 2020 the year of the Word, on the back of recognition of John Henry Newman, theologian from 1800’s. He revolutionised theology by his unique understanding of theology in the Word.

If God is drawing even those Church communities that we consider old or irrelevant it is a sign however that His wave will come from surprising quarters.

Our recognition or lack determines if we will flow into that revival.

That revival must incorporate the prayer of Jesus in John 17 for unity. We see Paul in Ephesians 4 speak to it also. The finality is the functioning 5 ministry gifts bringing maturity, purity, integrity, in the stature and fulness of Christ.

Revival is coming to the UK. The key is hearing the “sound of rain ” knowing that the smallest cloud is prophetic of a deluge. Wait for that small cloud. It is Zechariah 4 that speaks to that small beginning as a prelude to foundations being laid.

May we ascertain today.

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