A view of British turmoil and the silence of the Church

I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord , keep not silence,
Isaiah 62:6 KJV

All have looked on the scenes at Westminster with disbelief. I on the other side of the pond in the USA have heard Americans shake their heads in disbelief.

The courts are being used to dictate politics and it seems that there are unseen forces that are bringing this chaos to convince everyone that remaining in the EU is the only option.

I read the response of the Archbishop of Canterbury refusing to involve himself in the whole process. There seems in his words that he and the Church headed by the Queen, is in disengagement. And to concentrate on the fruits of social needs and injustices when the root is rotten is at best ineffective.

This whole political process and turmoil has the potential to lock in the UK to a political project which in itself has incompatible configurations and it’s own Constitution is anti-Christian.

The Queen herself has a title “Defender of the Faith.” This title is rapidly becoming meaningless in the face of rising secularism and alternative living of various persuasions that are incompatible with the Word of God. Doors are opening for certain principles to be made illegal , if you preach about sin you will be up for hate speech or harassment.

The only clear Biblical parallel is Acts 4, when Peter and John were arrested for preaching Jesus. They are ordered to stop preaching Jesus. The reason is that responsibility for Jesus’ death was laid squarely at the feet of the Sanhedrin. They reiterated their intention to continue.

They returned to the “Church” and we read their prayer based on Psalm 2. They saw the governmental pressure and opposition to the message given by the Holy Spirit, having seen the Resurrected Christ, saw Him ascend to Heaven , they saw that this opposition would threaten the very fabric of the programme Jesus left them with. The Church needed a spiritual response from heaven in the face of government calling them to bow…when there is a higher government moving in their midst.

What they asked for is striking,

1. Boldness; they needed to have an authority in their words and deeds determined to obey the higher Call.

2. Power to heal; to heal the society ravaged by many sicknesses

3. Signs and wonders; these are judicial aspects of manifestations of power that bring fear on the opposing forces. Today where rational arguments reign there is a need for power demonstrations that undermine the arguments with evidences of supernatural opposition from God. Herod died because of His opposition to God and His Church.

There are many prophetic voices out there who prophesy for Brexit but are silent and disengaged in this turmoil. There is I sense a real risk that the UK for all its Christian heritage will become a memorial for a past which needs to be put right there in the past. What is it to be replaced with?

Secularism and humanism has arisen since the Renaissance and the cult of the individual are what will replace.

Whatever the Church will be silent today will have to embrace the forces of humanism tomorrow.

Silence and disengagement cut the UK church from the power demonstration that is needed to put the nation on a different path.

This is not about Brexit only, this is about the fundamental ideals that undergirds the EU constitution.

My sense is God is waiting for our position, because our position brings power to change things.

I was reminded by the Lord whilst here in the USA that the UK church is like Samson. He moved in supernatural power for strength to defeat the enemy but his own personal demons became his undoing. The end being he bringing down the building and killing himself after being entrapped by his own wife, eyes taken out by his enemy, mocked by the party of his and the nation’s enemy.

When Jesus made a spectacle of the enemy here Samson is made the spectacle.

The Church is entrapped by its love of respectability, its eyes taken out by its silence , and chained to the pillars by its silence of surrender.

The Church can be allowing all the floodgates to be open, but one day will come when its existence will be threatened and it will have to commit “suicide ” for its defeat of the enemy as did Samson at the end.

This message troubled me. It troubles me because I see a new road forming, I see a new society appearing, where faith has no place, and where our 1000 year old foundations of democracy, education, missionary initiatives will be replaced with a secular version.

God will then have to visit the UK with judgments. In Revelation 8, we see martyrs praying against their persecutors, the Angel’s responding by throwing fire from God’s Altar, bring massive judgments. I see no different when revivalists of centuries past will look on in horror. Their prayer sown in the UK land will not go ignored.

Do not be deceived. Prophets and their prophecies for Brexit are worthless if the Church at high levels is silent, deceived that this is simply politics. It is not. It is a spiritual battle which must be engaged by the Church. This spiritual battle is to break up the very foundations.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Psalms 11:3 KJV

If the Church allows the foundations to be destroyed then God will require it of its leaders.

Be warned! This is not about politics, it is a war against Christ, and His Rod of Iron.


Read Psalm 2.

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