End time strategy for UK

The Lord is about to birth a direction from this Brexit confusion. In my trip to USA and my partnership with Al Houghton from Word at Work Ministries CA in California, we are launching teaching dates for seeing the Purpose of God in the end times and how the Churches can align themselves for this end time purpose. If you are interested write to me; reverendrusselldurose@gmail.com . Continue reading End time strategy for UK

Revival for the UK

“And He will send Jesus TO you who was preached…” Acts 3:19 There is at the moment a season of shaking. There is a season of challenging the false foundations of humanism and individualism. When God wants and desires to bring a corporate move, He needs to break the individual pursuit of destiny. We had a wonderful season of the discovery of personal prophecy, where prophecy has come to substitute the daily discipline of in depth Bible study. The breaking of the “individual cult” is key to a new move in God in the Church in the UK. The individualistic … Continue reading Revival for the UK