Personal Update

It has been quite a while since I have posted here and wished to touch base with you all. 

I had a couple of nasty viruses as well as family also coming down with them. It means that my focus has been to Minister to the needs of the family. Which is a privilege of course. 

I have several messages to be forthcoming before the end of the year which will enlighten you to the end time purposes of God. 

I ask particularly for your prayers and thoughts toward us. Things have not been easy on many fronts and we have had to stand firm. It means we have to draw upon divine resources to be able to continue to perceive always by faith the continual presence of the Lord.

Several readers of this blog have asked to be able to send financial support as this work is a work based on our faith in God to supply our needs ; which are many but we have to trust. If the Lord touches your heart at this Christmas time to send support please use Paypal; my address is for the send money option.

I am also pursuing a mobile technology review service to supplement our income.

We have to be proactive in all things .  And mobile technology is a passion of mine. 

Please await new messages…

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