A View of things to come Part 3: Discharging the Earthly for the Heavenly

Revelation 2. We are still studying our theme about end time things. God is speaking directly concerning the things “Church” has somewhat lost in part is the capacity to be prepared for the coming of Yeshua in these days. Our pursuit for prosperity and covenantal blessing has taken over, whilst we must know that all the signs are there that Yeshua will return to end this age, and bring judgment and eternal determination and destiny. We see in Revelation chapter 1, the Revelation of the Glorified Yeshua. This pinnacle revelation was to set John apart, from all those around him. His … Continue reading A View of things to come Part 3: Discharging the Earthly for the Heavenly

A view of things to come Part 2: The only focus

In our endeavour to demystify and to establish the truth concerning the end days, and apocalyptic references throughout scripture, we must always come back to sure fundamental and crucial points to which we focus our attention. That way we avoid being mystical and from the other base, rational. We must use rationale to articulate what is spiritually expressed. Revelation for me is a crucial book to study being that it is the Book John the apostle wrote after life changing suffering. We know from the Book of Martyrs that John was put in a cauldron full of boiling oil, just … Continue reading A view of things to come Part 2: The only focus

A view of things to come Part 1 Forgotten truths

It seems that the days when Jesus’ coming to the earth has largely been shrouded either in forgetfulness or in tradition.  For some time the Lord has been speaking to me about the need to study the Coming of The Ascended Lord. We commonly and wrongly call it the 2nd Coming. It is one of many comings which JESUS has visited the earth.  I ask you to pray for me as I endeavour to demystify these end time events in the light of Scripture and revelation. What we do know is that Christ is coming and to establish His Kingdom. … Continue reading A view of things to come Part 1 Forgotten truths

A Planting of the Lord

Isaiah 61 says “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord” Genesis 15 says “Abraham believed and it was counted for him as righteousness” The Lord is wanting to plant you.  He wants to solidify your life…putting DOWN ROOTS right down into the depths. Putting down solid roots will strengthen you.    God wants to plant you because:  He wants you to GROW.   He wants you to deepen your ROOTS for STRENGTH.  He wants you to provide shelter for others.  What the Lord indicates throughout scripture that very hard times are coming for the saints. He wants … Continue reading A Planting of the Lord

Conforming or Transforming

  “Be ye not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12.  I heard a phrase about 20 years ago, inner transformation or outward conformity. It has all to do with what we INVEST OUR TIME in preparing. Today the inner man is neglected. As the picture shows, we are bombarded by the mobile and on the move trend. It has affected not just the world but the Church and ministers too. What do we do? Reject what is good concerning the tools that are being provided, based on a unhealthy suspicion? Or do we embrace … Continue reading Conforming or Transforming

Being or Doing

Being or Doing? Value is always placed on the doing, whilst the demand is on being, yet it should be the other way round! When we navigate social media, what do we see? We see the daily antics of our contemporaries. Some of our minister friends can be in great journeys and itineraries, yet they have no time to savour the moments, savour the landscape. God did not create us to do, but to be.  The greatest prophet was John the Baptist, who did not prophesy. He spent many years in the desert. He preached no sermon. Yet when God caused him … Continue reading Being or Doing