New Jerusalem pattern Part 1: Consistent sequence 

Today we start a new series which has taken me 15 days or more of careful meditation and maturing .  I do not post just anything that might sound good and I do not post to appeal to the various doctrinal camps either .  

I must be honest that my communion with God has saved me from complete disillusionment with what I see in general Christendom .  The problem is for the hidden elites that there are those who for being “in the wilderness” they do not accompany the latest fad. Those who are accustomed to isolation and the emptiness of the wilderness hear a different sound. That sound is consistent to the same inspirational sound written between the lines of scripture. 

For a while God has stirred my heart to meditate on the New Jerusalem. I have taken time over this because I wanted Yah to take me to the depths of what significance the New Jerusalem has in all generations and how we can take our place in the “New Jerusalem” through our progressive comprehension of Him! 

What I look for is God imparting a pattern in His Saints throughout the generations and how that collective and personal application can come through this series .  

The Bible scholar must know that to establish in what he teaches and writes; there cannot be isolated Scriptures used but that all precepts of God are consistent throughout scripture . This means we must allow the Spirit of Scripture free us from tradition that comes from ties with religious movements who did not renew their perspective through a flexibility to walk open to God. Not that we have arrived but as Paul says in his letters we consider our past experiences and achievements as nothing compares what we see in front of us.

The New Jerusalem is presented in great detail in Revelation. John the apostle is invited to see the “Bride” which turns out to be a descending glorious city which looks like the Jerusalem of his day with a temple and is plain to comprehend. 

If Revelation was the only place to see this concept maybe we could conclude that it is mere imagery and without a present application in our day. However as one is led to discover that it is not the only place but where it is mentioned throughout scripture Revelation represents the fullest future Manifestation of what we will discover here in this series! 

What I want to show you is that the New Jerusalem comes physically down from heaven but it is made up of Israel and the Church in the shapes of doors/gates and foundations; but it is made through generations of pioneers who did not conform to the fads of their contemporaries but dared to project themselves through a self denial through a spiritual pursuit of a reality that still is invisible yet manifests first in faith in their hearts. 

All things we see in Hebrews is that all things have been ESTABLISHED but have yet to be MANIFEST. Hence, without spiritual comprehension we will only see contradiction. And who sees contradiction must begin to wade the depths of the Spirit River of Ezekiel 47. 

So what I look for in prayer; in daily direction ; in Bible Study ; in decisions is a spiritual consistency and sequence . The consistency is found with aligning with the whole scripture in our comprehension of God’s nature and His mode of moving in and through us. The sequence of encounters and walking through circumstances must reflect my consistency in Him.

Therefore right from Genesis we see the first glimpses of the New Jerusalem which had part fulfilment in the Kingship of David and will have full fulfilment in the future physical installation of Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords . 

However, we see the Kingdom of His Son begin to MANIFEST in our hearts by the Spirit. This Kingdom will culminate in the descending city . 

In this series we will examine present implications to our being citizens and part of the New Jerusalem and how our pursuit needs to be that God will lead us to deliver us from poor and shallow traditions of men to embrace a reality so radical that Abram left his country in search of a city whose founder and builder is God. 

God challenges us also to leave our “Ur” either symbolically ; physically ; prophetically; because anyone who pursues anything deeper and richer must first leave behind anything which could interfere with what God has for us. For Abram it was to found a family; from a dead womb; and from that family a nation; from that nation a priesthood ; from that priesthood ; a temple. From that Temple a city. 

Just right there is a sequence of dimensions which took generations to accomplish .  God is speaking about a world harvest and yet many generations could pass for this to take place. 

God has destined us to take our eternal place; not sitting on clouds . We need to understand that this future is not way way off but even tomorrow could be made MANIFEST! Are you ready?

In this series we will see what this means.

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